March 2nd, 2018


New Birdfeeder

Today I did the rough sanding on the new birdfeeder to remove splinters.  I did find a couple of clever features -- the side panels come out, and the hanging cord is attached with T bars so it should be replaceable too.  The woodwork is solid.  But the finishing?  Jesus, for what we paid, I shouldn't have to do more than touch up a few places.  I had to sand the whole thing, and I'll have to do it again with fine sandpaper then wipe it down before I can put the topcoat on.  >_<  Such is the state of "professional" woodworking nowadays.

My grandfather would've tanned my hide if I left something this unfinished, when I was five.  I may not be any good at building things, but I certainly know how to finish them.  And what it looks like when someone hasn't bothered.  All you have to do in a proper shop is run the pieces through a belt sander or a plane.  The outside pieces were only given a lick and a promise, the inside hadn't been touched at all.  Tch.

But it will damn well be finished when I get through with it.