January 18th, 2018


Kazakh Writing

Here's a discussion about the challenges of developing a new writing system.

My opinion: for fucksake, make your own writing system that actually fits your language.  It is a giant pain in the ass, forever, to borrow someone else's alphabet that doesn't fit.  You're a country, you have a language, make an alphabet you can really use and build some keyboards for it.  You want to use somebody else's keyboards?  Learn English or Russian or Mandarin or whatever.  Don't fuck yourselves over trying to make your language fit on their keyboards.  If the Cherokee can do it, so can other people.

The Importance of Replication

This article talks about the need to fund replication.  Well yes, that's important, because until your work has been replicated by other scientists -- preferably several independent teams -- you're not actually doing the full scientific method.  You just have some interesting activities and observations.  Unfortunately, most science nowadays is NOT replicated.  *sigh*

Meanwhile, over in Terramagne, there are whole replabs whose job  is to wade through other people's studies to find the most promising, most implausible, or just plain interesting ones to test for replication.  Team Me Too is considered a vital branch of science over there.  *chuckle*  Now if we could just connect them with Team Me First from the supervillain side ...