December 26th, 2017



Today is cloudy and much colder.  I expected the birds to be mobbing the feeders, but they weren't.  So I went out to refill the feeders and found them all empty.  Even the ground underneath was picked clean of everything but hulls.  The flocks were there watching me, though.  By the time I got back indoors, they were coming back.  I saw at least three pairs of cardinals, a large flock of sparrows, and a large flock of mourning doves.  :D  Need to get more birdseed. 

Poetry Fishbowl on Tuesday, January 2

This is an advance announcement for the Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. This time the theme will be "Do you believe in magic?" I'll be soliciting ideas for wizards, witches, familiars, gods and goddesses, outcasts, magical nulls, mystical creatures, spirits, other magical beings, casting spells, asking questions, reading tomes, setting up circles, facing thresholds, questing, learning what you can do, believing, disbelieving, woodstoves, temples, stone circles, hearths, the forest primeval, the dark, bottle shops, sacred groves, stages other places where magic happens, artifacts, magical books, wands and staves, enchanted jewelry, spells, curses, protection, stage magic, schools of magic, kitchen witching vs. altar witching, household supplies, regalia, equality and inequality, self-discovery, self-awareness, alienation, rejection, privacy, auras, energy, and poetic forms in particular.

Among my projects that involve magic: The Ursulan Cycle, Clay of Life, A Conflagration of Dragons, Fiorenza the Wisewoman, Fledgling Grace, Gloryroad Crossing, Hart's Farm, The Inkeer, Kande's Quest, Monster House, The Ocracies, One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis, The Origami Mage, Path of the Paladins, P.I.E., Practical Magics, Seeing Hearts, and Sort Of Heroes.  Polychrome Heroics has sorcery, but it's rare.

I have a linkback poem, "Mysterious and Impermanent" (20 verses, Walking the Beat). 

If you're interested, mark the date on your calendar, and please hold actual prompts until the "Poetry Fishbowl Open" post next week.  (If you're not available that day, or you live in a time zone that makes it hard to reach me, you can leave advance prompts.  I am now.)  Meanwhile, if you want to help with promotion, please feel free to link back here or repost this on your blog. 

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Colorblind Fashion

Here are some fashion tips for colorblind people and those who love them. 

However, they missed some obvious solutions that I know of from blind people, or my own quirks of having very different vision than human usual.  These include:

* Put permanent labels in an inconspicuous place to identify features you can't see or remember.  Blind people often do this with Braille but you can use any method that works such as hidden buttons.  You may wish to label specific colors or a general class of colors such as warm/cool.  This gives you much more independence in matching your clothes.

* Buy clothing that comes in sets, such as a sweater/blouse, top/bottom, or suit.  Many designers also make batches of clothing meant to go together so you can mix and match a sweater, blouse, skirt, pants, and jacket all from that set.

* Closely related, use capsule wardrobes.  This is nice if you want variety but have trouble matching things.  You can't go wrong with the Whatever's Clean 13 template because everything in it matches.  Consider, for example, having a warm and a cool set.  Have someone help you make the set, store it together, and from there you can mix and match by yourself.

* If you have a favorite color, or you really don't care about clothes, consider wearing just one or a few colors.  I have known several folks, not all of them vision-impaired, who did this for sake of simplicity.  You can't mismatch your clothes if you own nothing that clashes.

* If you can't really appreciate colors, choose other features in your clothing to define your fashion.  You might prefer to focus on the material, cut, or created texture such as knitting patterns.

Media Diversity Links


Poem: "Odd Jobs for Odd People"

This poem is spillover from the November 7, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] janetmiles, [personal profile] redsixwing, [personal profile] mashfanficchick, [personal profile] daisiesrockalot, [personal profile] acelightning, [personal profile] corvi, [personal profile] callibr8, and [personal profile] lone_cat. It also fills the "Kraken" square in my 11-1-16 card for the Fall Festival Bingo.  This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles.  It belongs to the Calliope thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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