December 23rd, 2017


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Abusive Society

I have often said that society is like the abusive boyfriend who smacks you around, blows the rent money on booze and whores, and threatens to kill you if you try to leave.  I rarely see anyone else point out this problem, but here is one example.  Note that it talks about people not wanting to leave.  Well, how can you leave society?

1) Move to another country.  That means you have to have the money to move, your current society has to let you out, and you have to convince some other society to take you in.  There are many terrible societies, not a lot of good ones, and getting into the good ones is difficult or impossible.

2) Withdraw.  Stay where you are, but minimize contact.  This is the most feasible option.  It lets you maintain at least some advantages of having a society, while doing some damage control on how much it can hurt you.

3) Cheat on it.  Stay where you are, but give your allegiance to some other set of values.  Look at how America treats communism or democratic socialism, and you'll see that this can quite easily get you killed.  It does hold out promise of getting a better society to hook up with, though.

4) Commit suicide.  People don't like to admit it, but this is a leading reason.  It's what happens when folks feel that society wants them to die, or has made it impossible for them to live, or they just don't want to be with you anymore.  It's fuck you asshole, taillights down the driveway.  This solution is available to everyone but unpalatable to most until the abuse literally becomes a fate worse than death.

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Today's Adventures

We went back up to the Tuscola outlet mall to pick up some pants on sale that Doug wanted.  I also found three more pairs of boot socks, and a very nice white-and-blue flannel shirt.  \o/

On the down side, at least two of the stores we stopped at are closing, including the Corningware store.  :(  Every so often, the owners dick with the contract and lose stores.  You'd think they would try to avoid this since the place is already at least half empty.

We stopped at Denny's for lunch.  I tried the new chicken apple sausage.  It costs a bit more than the regular links, but has way lower calories, is nearly as much food, and is quite yummy. :D

Then we went to the mall in Mattoon.  Saturday before Christmas, and only some people there, clustered down at the far end.  Only about half the booth spaces were full.  Used to be, it was wall-to-wall people all through November and December.  *sigh*  However, the holiday village statuette display was adorable.  I also found a long-sleeve t-shirt tie-dyed in blue and purple.  <3  So that went well.

Much of the snow has melted off, although we did get to see plenty of it this morning when we set out.  It was just a beautiful winter day to be out shopping.  There were large flocks of sparrows and mourning doves all over the birdfeeders today too.