December 9th, 2017

gold star

New Crowdfunding Project: Save Our Navajo Language

GoFundMe has a new crowdfunding project, Save Our Navajo Language.  The idea is to teach the Navajo language through a children's show similar to Sesame Street.  If you wish we could have television programming from Terramagne, well, basically this is it.  They have these shows in several heritage languages, and yes, with Floppits.  :D 3q3q3q!!!

Bairnsidhe Has a Card

[personal profile] bairnsidhe has a card for Round 13 of [community profile] genprompt_bingo.  Go make suggestions for the squares

Now available:

For $5: The free-verse poem "Polychrome Morality" explores the diversity of ethics in Terramagne.  :D

EDIT 12/9/17: "A New Kind", a story based on your "suicide" prompt. It's available for purchase at $8.70. Warning, as you may expect from the prompt, there's some heavy topics, aside from suicide if touches on unpersoning, transhumanism, and gaybashing. Consider your headspace.
(Totally awesome, I love this thing.)


Saturday Yardening

So folks are in the kitchen making things for tomorrow's feast, while I'm in my office finishing poetry and waiting my turn to make pear-ginger cobbler.

*door knock* "Did you dry any mint this summer?"

"Well no, it doesn't dry all that well.  But there might be some left outside, I'll go look."

I hike out to the wagonwheel garden where the sweet mint has been going nuts all summer.  Most of it is dried up.  I taste, and it still tastes like mint, so that's an option.  But this early in winter it's worth looking a little further.  Down at the ground, I find several perfect green sprigs ... frozen solid.  Tasting as fresh as ever.  So I break off a handful and take them indoors to be made into what turns out to be artisan soda syrup.

Gardening like a boss.  In December.  \o/

You never know when you'll need the old foraging skills of knowing where to look for edibles after  the green season frosts over.

Maybe next year I'll try freezing some of this stuff.  I haven't been impressed with previous attempts, but damn, this particular mint plant freezes like woah.

Holiday Cooking

I got the cobbler made.  \o/  Other folks finished a jello mold and two different batches of soda that I very much look forward to trying.  For a while we were singing off-color Christmas songs in the kitchen.  So I got a little of my holiday cheer.