December 3rd, 2017


Today's Adventures

The weather was nice out, so we went out to the Douglas-Hart Nature Center to walk around the trails.  They have put up some new features since the last time we were there.  :D  Among the things we noticed, they've cut a path along the inside of the south prairie so you don't have walk near the road.

We also visited the Peterson Park light display.  It has been changed from incandescent to LED lights.  The new ones are pretty, but I kind of miss the old ones.  However, the display is much more inhabited now than it used to be.  (Here is a video from 2011.) Some sponsors just redid their old wireframes, while others bought all new ones, and some displays are from people who didn't have one before.  It's really nice to see the sense of community -- most of the significant businesses in town are represented.  That makes me think of Terramagne.  They also advertised a similar display in Shelbyville, for folks who like to tour these things.

How to Tweak Comfort Food

I got to talking with someone about comfort food and the challenges of modulating mood that way without overeating.

Comfort food is a broad category with a cluster of traits such as warm, soft, sweet, creamy. It works on the body and mind in various ways to soothe stress and restore equilibrium. So long as the chosen foods are reasonably healthy, and less-healthy treats are consumed in moderation, this is a useful tool for self-regulation. Here are some ideas for improving your relationship with comfort foods ...

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