November 25th, 2017


Better Wired Brains

Smart people may have brains that are better wired to work more effectively.  In other news, water is wet.

I'm still waiting for anyone else to notice that one of the options is simply not having all the human-standard factory junk in your head, thus leaving room for different stuff.  I don't have a fancy social wetware.  I have a linguistic coprocessor.  This pleases me.

Concord Grapes

Recently I bought a carton of Concord grapes.  They are a deep blue-black color and smell intensely of grape soda or grape candy.  The "grape" flavor in most things is really "Concord" flavor -- they're not much like other grapes.  If you squeeze them, the skins pop off.  We used to grow these when I was little.  They made the most amazing, velvety, jewel-purple grape juice and grape jelly.  And grape syrup because usually one of the jelly jars wouldn't set.