November 11th, 2017


Surrogate Parenting in History

 ... as attested in marriage contracts.

By the way, they don't mention whether a surrogate was actually needed because you can't amend a contract written in clay. If you want to find that information, you'd need to look for hierodule bills of sale, birth records (which would be needed to prove that the hierodule fulfilled her contract), manumission records, and/or inheritance records -- all of which would be filed separately from marriage contracts.  Oh, and temple records, because people would pray for offspring, but that's usually distinct from secular records.  It's a bureaucracy; it records everything; if you can't find what you're looking for, try a different room.  Then cross-reference the names.  Important people had more records kept than less important people, so there's a non-zero chance of connecting records about the same individuals.

Poetry for Mom & Dad

Today we went up to visit my parents. Below are the poems I took to them. I don't have the payment yet, but they typically buy the whole batch.

"The Crookedness of the Serpent"
"What Polar Bears Require"
"Tending the Wind"
"Lateral Moves"
"A Long, Colorful Bracelet"
"The Mere Knowledge of Friendship"