November 4th, 2017


Suicide in Firefighters

Amazingly, if you mistreat people, they tend to die on you.  Most of the talk essentially blames the victims, such as implying they don't know how to handle mental stress properly, and the few solutions are aimed at counseling.  You know what would really help?  Paying firefighters better, hiring enough of them so they can go off-duty on a reasonable schedule instead of burning out, ensuring they have year-round health care and employment and support networks.  Funny how nobody is suggesting that.

It's a wonder any of these guys keep coming back to that shitty job.

Gardening for Wildlife

Here are some good articles about gardening for wildlife:

Leave the Leaves
We only rake leaves out of places where they are a nuisance, such as the porch.  I use leaves to mulch my flowerbeds.

Dead Trees Are Full of Life
I have long known that rotten logs are a vital habitat, so I have some of those in my yard.  When a tree broke off about 12-15' up, I researched what to do with it because I vaguely remembered snags were useful too.  I found out that many species use that vertical habitat, so I left it standing.