October 29th, 2017


Face Blindness

Here's an article about face blindness

Me, I'm just bad at remembering names and faces.  If I'm around someone often enough, I'll remember them.  But occasional contacts, usually not.  I'm also bad at remembering which details go with which person, unless those details are constantly in my face when we're interacting.  I'll remember that I have several friends with X trait but not which  friends they are.  And I've never seen any point in hiding this because it's ruddy obvious.  Better just to say, "Hi, nice to meet you, I'll probably forget your name in five minutes so don't take it personally."

I have a linguistic coprocessor.  I really love this thing.  But it does take up brainspace and bandwidth, so I don't have the factory-standard human social wetware.  I have a cheap shareware version and some frankenkludge shit I built on my own.  I can hack any language I can read or hear, but I forget names and faces.  I wouldn't trade it, and I'm not sorry about it.