October 28th, 2017


Romantic Orientations in My Characters

I got to thinking about how people discover aspects of their identity. I've heard a few people say that therapy helped, and a lot say it didn't help or made matters much worse. So what does work consistently? Reading! I've heard many people say they discovered things about their identity from reading, and so have I. If you are confused or unhappy about some aspect of your identity, then reading seems to be a robustly successful way of working on that. Stack up a bunch of material featuring characters of all different orientations and just read your way down that to see if anything resonates with you.

So I took a list of romantic orientations and started going down it to see how many I've filled just from my own writing. Some of these are specifically listed in character notes or shown in scenes, while others I've added as my best authorial guess since many characters (and some cultures) don't know these terms. Some are strongly featured in entries while others are more background. For a general listing by series, see my QUILTBAG Characters page; and here's one on Sexual Orientations in My Characters.

I have tried to represent as wide a range as possible. If you think a character fits something where I haven't marked any, go ahead and suggest that. If you don't see yourself in the mirror yet -- or you want more of a favorite -- then feel free to prompt for any of these during any relevant prompt call.

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