October 26th, 2017


Thursday Yardening

Today was partly sunny, breezy, and cool but a lot warmer than earlier this week.  I got out and planted the ~30 bulbs from my father, a mix of tulips and daffodils.  I put them in the prairie garden.  Later I went back out and brought in some potted plants; the ice plants will overwinter indoors. 

New Crowdfunding Project: "Potlatch"

A friend tipped me to a new crowdfunding project.  It's a card game called Potlatch.  It's based on the gift economy of Coast Salish culture.  It is bilingual in English and Lushootseed.  A copy of the game is only $15, but there is also a $30 option that donates a spare deck to a Native youth center or school.  So if you have been enjoying anything from tribal culture, buy a deck and thank a tribe.  It also sounds like a much more cooperative game than usual, and a dandy introduction to what a gift economy is.  Those of you who collect foreign languages will also want to take a look -- there are materials in tribal languages but they're hard to find outside a powwow.

Intersex Day of Awareness

Today is Intersex Day of Awareness.  This holiday upholds the rights of intersex people to their identity, agency, fertility, bodily integrity, and other things that conventionally sexed people get.  Here's hoping I never have to mop up another mess created by the standard practice of lying to intersex people about their sex. They deserve better.

For a glimpse of intersex characters in my writing, see:

Kenzie Two Foxes, Blair Her Road Goes Both Ways (introduced in "The Place Where the Journey Begins"), and Bobtail (introduced in "Sheltered and True") are two-spirits.  Given the small size of her male features and her two-spirit nature, Bobtail may also be intersex.  In "TERF Wars," Hassan Saunders (5-alpha reductase deficiency), Marion Rhett (Hermaphrodite superpower), Lennox Oleastro (partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, also a lesbian), and Nicolette/Nicholas le Doux (XX/XY mosaicism) are all intersex.  In the same poem, Jayce Olson is MTF while Maren Arntson is a political lesbian.  In "Disorientation and Reorientation," Riley Bessonet is intersex with XX chromosomes and ambiguous genitals which appeared vaguely male at birth.

Over in Torn World, the Glifai are essentially all intersex.  Historically they were born undifferentiated and then developed as male or female at puberty, with a few remaining neuter.  This is somewhat less common now, and more children are born with their sex apparent, but it's still about half-and-half.  You can read some Torn World stories about gender.

I'm sure there are more examples, but those are some that are easy to find.