October 5th, 2017


Today's Adventures

We went up to Champaign today.  I bought a whole bunch of bulbs, mostly deer-resistant stuff.  New favorites like squill, allium, and eranthis topped the list but I also got a few miniature iris and tulips.  Dad says he has around 500 bulbs to share with me later.  I figured he would, and he tends to buy lots of daffodils and tulips, so I leaned away from those.  \o/

We ate supper at Sitara.  They are back to being a good place again.  :D  Also now they're offering specials, which we tried.  The new potato appetizer was a hit with our spice fans but too picante for me.  However, the paneer pakoras were excellent.

The Krannert Center was a mess tonight.  >_<  The person who used to run the gift shop retired, so they sold off everything and are just starting to restock.  Plan is to make it half store and half display.  I will check later, but suspect it will no longer be worth the bother, and it used to be awesome.  The staff were disorganized.  They didn't even have ushers at the gate like they usually do, so we had to go to the Will Call window for help because there's a less-mobile person in our party.  And then we discovered they didn't have enough seats in the accessible area, and they hadn't done a good job of telling people which seats were accessible -- most of them were down many steep stairs. *sighhhhhh*  After five minutes of listening to other folks angsting about how to get seated, I suggested splitting our party since two of us could manage the stairs.  So we did.  The couple we swapped with actually had great seats, right in the middle about seven rows from the front.  But still.  This was not a situation I should've had to patch up.  Facilities are responsible for making sure seating is appropriate and properly communicated.  Normally Krannert does MUCH better than this -- it's the first time I've seen such a clusterfuck there.  If you are planning to go there, double-check any special needs against their available facilities and staff.

On the bright side, Tango Argentine was brilliant.  Evidently theatrical tango is much richer than ballroom tango.  The musicians were lively, the costumes spectacular, and the dance framed in an elaborate narrative.  I really loved it.  Also the smokin' hot dancers were often in extremely revealing outfits, and by revealing I mean some of the men had shirts open to the waist and one woman danced in a catsuit that was entirely transparent except for a few strategically placed sequins.  OuO I'll be in my bunk.  Top favorites were the bola dancer and the human futbol -- one dance mimed a soccer game, starting with a real ball, but then they brought out a girl dressed as a futbol and proceeded to play with her instead.  Actually there was a lot of overhead girl-twirling tonight, very impressive.

Also we stopped at the cafe  afterwards for chocolate cake, and that was delicious.

We're getting a tiny bit of rain, which we desperately need.  Hopefully we'll get more, so I can actually get the bulbs into the ground.  I could maybe chisel holes for the little ones, but I bought another big allium, this one purple, which is the size of my fist.

Thursday Yardening

Today is warm and gray.  It rained thoroughly last night, so the ground is diggable again.  \o/

I went out and worked in the purple-and-white garden near the patio.  I planted one Allium 'Globemaster' which is a fist-sized bulb that will put up a softball-sized sphere of tiny purple flowers.  I also set out four Camassia leichtlinii, which will have spikes of starry lavender flowers.

When I went outside, a squirrel scampered away from the picnic table.  They've been cracking nuts on one bench.