August 25th, 2017


Cherry Tomatoes

One thing we bought yesterday was a pint carton of cherry tomatoes in assorted sizes, shapes, and colors.  I think there were red, yellow, orange, and purple ones.  I thought they'd make an interesting addition to the sloppy joe mix.  Today we decided to make two double batches (total of 12 pounds of ground beef, divided between two crockpots) so I actually have a control with all beefsteak tomatoes.  The latter is developing normally.  But when I took the lid off the other crock, I realized that the cherry tomatoes gave it a much sweeter and more complex smell.  So we talked about that, and decided to put the less-sweet Original barbecue sauce in with the cherry tomatoes, and the Honey in the plain plain tomatoes, to avoid overdoing the sweet note. However, I did tweak the spices a bit, switching from black to red peppercorns and adding sweet marjoram and sweet basil.  I really hope this turns out well.  It smells soooooo good already.