January 28th, 2017

moment of silence, candle

Moment of Silence: Poem: "A Thousand Seeds"

[personal profile] callibr8 asked me to modify a song as an elegy for Mike Briggs.

EDIT 1/29/17:  [personal profile] callibr8 performed this at a convention, and it was translated by judifilksign.  Wow.  I have long admired her work in translating the songs of Tom Smith and other filkers.  *GLEE*


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New from Dialecticdreamer

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has continued the storyline about Aida's diving incident.

"Sawyer's Fall" covers the incident from Brody's perspective.  (Asshole warning.)

"A Storm of Consequences" begins the followup showing Aida's family response.  This one has 8 parts.

"Better Than Before" shows the other interns talking about what went wrong.