December 23rd, 2016


Holiday Poetry Sale Update

Today is the last day for the Holiday Poetry Sale.  LiveJournal has had service interruptions the last couple of days, so I haven't been able to update as reliably as I'd like.  However, the list should be current as of the timestamp on this message. If you are concerned about this, feel free to email me before making your final shopping decisions.  I'll be in front of my computer most of the day.  

On timing: if you have holiday plans which prevent you from finishing your poetry shopping today, but you know you want in, talk to me.  We can probably work something out.  Same goes if you've already sent a donation but need to square up a day or two later.  Just keep me posted on what you're doing so I can account for that.

Mom and Dad have sponsored their batch.  Poems marked "SOLD" are fully funded and will get posted as I have time.  

There is also a pool open with daisiesrockalotng_moonmoth[personal profile] technoshaman, and [personal profile] sweet_sparrow.  If you are interested in the "HOLD for pool" poems then you can chip in toward them and more poetry will get funded as a result. Remember the pool gets the quarter-price rate!  Some of the funds have come in so far, some I'm still waiting for, but if it all comes together as expected, I think most of the earlier stuff in the list is covered and we're currently looking to fill in "The Fullness of Life."

Poem: "Baroque Motives"

This poem came out of the March 1, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] rix_scaedu and Thea Strange on QueerSciFi. It also fills the "manipulative" square in my 2-29-16 card for the Villain Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] librarygeek. It belongs to the Jackie Frost thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains some controversial material. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. Contretemps is a magnificent bastard who loves manipulating people. This includes seducing women even though he is gay. His gay relationships aren't all that much healthier. He screws with politics and economics too, and is generally a pain in everyone's ass. If these are touchy topics for you, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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