November 10th, 2016



This post discusses the variability of voting in the electoral college.  In theory, that December vote gives America a last-ditch chance to change the election after the popular votes (which don't directly determine the outcome) have been cast.  Normally I would consider "faithless electors" to be a problem, defrauding people of a fair vote.  Right now I'm not feeling bound to a moral high ground in the face of handing the red phone to a rabid badger on crack.  So if people can convince electors who promised to vote for Trump to skip out and vote Hillary, I consider that the lesser of two evils.  Still evil, but less likely to make us fail out of Drake's equation.

Also worth keeping an eye on are the on-and-off charges of child molestation filed against Trump.  It would be nice if America had declined to vote for someone accused of raping little girls, but having failed that, it is possible that some lawsuit may eventually chip through his wall of cash and provide grounds for impeachment.  I mean, I know America is rape-friendly but this is going a bit far.

Upstander Techniques: Disrupting Islamophobia

This cartoon illustrates a way of disrupting Islamophobic attacks that does NOT require any confrontation.  Because it relies on shutting out the perpetrator, it's a more advanced technique than it seems at first glance; you need excellent equanimity and shielding to make it work.  The higher-power pacifist skills are tricky.  But it can work, and it's perfect for people who don't like the more "classically heroic" methods of telling a perpetrator to go away.  When it works, it also drives them bugfuck; remember you're dealing with someone who's trying to inflate his painfully small ego by punching down, so being ignored is a real pain.