February 19th, 2016


Thank Muse It's Friday

[personal profile] shiori_makiba is hosting "Thank Muse It's Friday" today, with a theme of "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing."  Come ask for romance, family affection, queerplatonic love, or whatever else your heart desires.  Let's spread out the diversity of loving connections in literature.

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is writing a booster story for this.  Link to "Thank Muse It's Friday" and you'll add words to the Polychrome Heroics story "Daisy Chains," in which the social worker Matt Hudson brings a misplaced toddler to the Bluehill police station.  Despite the serious background topic, the story itself cottoncandy fluff.

Visit the Moon Door

I finished making a series page for The Moon Door.  You can now find all the poems listed in my best guess of series chronological order, with the published ones linked.  Come read about the women of a chronic pain support group discovering that for some of them, lycanthropy is a much better chronic disease than the one they started out with.