February 18th, 2016


Cosplay Patterns from McCall's

My partner Doug tipped me to this article about new cosplay patterns from McCall's.  They are designed with input from costumers, so the patterns are printed on heavier paper, including both variations and instructions for customizing.  This is very similar to the high-end historic patterns, and indeed, they're priced in the same range.  I'm betting you get what you pay for, even without having seen one personally.

Return of the Tardigrades

These tardigrades were found frozen in Antarctica, kept frozen for decades longer, and then revived.  I know that technically, superpowers are abilities unusual  to a species, and tardigrades as a species are fucking indestructible.  I don't care, they have superpowers.  They're resistant to cold damage, heat damage, desiccation, radiation, you name it.  Seriously, if we blow up the Earth, there will be tardigrades on some of the fragments and a zillion years from now they're going to smack into some unsuspecting alien world and POW!  Panspermia.  No deliberation required.