October 29th, 2015


Magpie ... part-of-month

Due to some unavoidable upheavals, the usual Magpie Monday by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer  has gotten shuffled around to cover the end of October instead.  She is particularly looking for prompts relating to the second week of the berettafly situation in Easy City, as people start to take stock and regroup.

Tracking Berettaflies

[personal profile] lynnoconnacht and I are trying to assemble a guide page for the Berettaflies storyweb. This one is different from my other Polychrome Heroics threads because other people went nuts with it (whee!) and their contributions actually outnumber my own at the moment. It is also a very eclectic mix of poetry, fiction, and different types of demifiction.  It even has multiple subthreads of its own following different characters -- I'm mainly sticking with the core of the Spectrum, Mr. Pernicious, Stylet, Facet, and Adalina.  No problem, but it means we need to organize this before it becomes completely unmanageable and we also need to tweak the listing template a bit.

Don't panic if you don't have all that information, especially if you didn't specify exact timing. Same thing happens to me sometimes. For reference, Day One is the original incident with the Spectrum sacking the lab, then Stylet and Facet trying to catch the escaped berettaflies. Day Two is the one after that, and so forth.

I have done my best to find and link all the items, but I'm not sure I have, because some of them I only stumbled across a day or two later. If anything of yours is missing from the Berettaflies list, please let us know.

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