August 19th, 2015


Huckleberry Soda

Today's surprise awesomeness was our discovery of Americana Huckleberry soda.  For those of you not familiar with huckleberries, they are related to blueberries, with a flavor that is darker, wilder, and more intense.  It is like the Platonic ideal of what a blueberry is trying to be.  Much the same may be said of European bilberries.  

This particular soda is flavored with huckleberry and elderberry extracts.  Yes, the real thing.  Pop the cap and out comes an intense cloud of fruity aroma.  It is like standing in a berry patch, without having to watch for bears.  (I don't recommend drinking this outside in bear country.  Or where there are wasps.)  The top and middle notes are potent huckleberry goodness, with a luscious rumbling base of elderberry.  :D  My tail was wagging my butt all the way through the bottle.  To make matters better, it is sweetened with pure cane sugar and is not full of obnoxious chemical ingredients.  No nasty aftertaste.  Just awesome bubbly essence of berries.

You know how I've been raving about Terramagne's Azure Cap soda?  They have a huckleberry flavor.  It tastes like this.  <3