June 7th, 2015


Moment of Fame

[personal profile] thnidu tipped me that my post "How NOT to Write Women" was #21 on LiveJournal's main page.  When my partner Doug checked, the post was #18 and my blog was #2 for the day. Wow!  It has since dropped off the feed, but I'm flattered that so many people found it interesting.  I'm especially pleased because I included my own instructions for creating robust characters and diverse cast lists, so maybe more folks will see and use those tools, generating better material.  :D

Today's Yardening: Wood Pickup

Today we de-sticked the savannah.   About half of it has been mowed once and is now ankle-deep.  We found a baby rabbit scampering around.

Then another, and another, and another.

Well, they're in different places so they've left the nest.  Maybe I can pick them up and move them to the prairie garden where they'll be safer.

Then I almost stepped on a bird nest.  It's probably killdeer, a type of ground-nesting bird common around here.

Everything is having sex in our grass.

Oooookay, time to give up on mowing this part of the yard until the babies clear out.  So my partner Doug is out mowing the tall grass part of the savannah instead.