April 1st, 2015


Today's Yardening: Strip Garden

Along the southeast corner of the patio is a little strip of herb garden.  Today I raked the leaves off it, trimmed or pulled dead stems, and put the melted marbles back in their dish.  It still needs to be weeded, but I didn't feel like doing that all today too.

Conversely the square cistern garden nearby is almost weed-free.  I am so buying more of that American Countryside "topsoil" which is actually more like fine fluffy mulch, if it's available again this year.

How to Be a Better Ally

When you're trying to a support a group of people that you don't directly belong to, and some organization that purports to support that group is quite unpopular with the people who actually have that trait, then it's helpful to believe them and cut your ties to that organization. If you care why the organization is aggravating the people it claims to help, by all means do some research to find out why. But trust your trait-having friends to know when someone is trying to screw them.

In this case, it's about April as Autism Awareness Month, and the organization Autism Speaks -- which despite its name is not by autistic people but by neurotypical people who work with or are related to people on the spectrum. Really not the same thing at all. Actual neurovariant people have all kinds of beef with AS and a little digging will turn up their explanations of why. Don't pester them about it, lots of them are tired of repeating that conversation.

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