March 18th, 2015


Meltdown vs. Tantrum

 Know the difference.  Also understand that meltdowns are not exclusive to neurovariant children.  Neurotypical kids and adults can have them too.  Everyone has a threshold where their brain will enter buffer overflow and cease to function properly due to excessive input.  It's just a lower threshold for some people than others.  Also understand how to cope with a meltdown.

Today's Yardening: Wood Pickup

Today is cooler but still workable.  I fed the birds, and saw a couple of ducks fly out of a tall tree where they were roosting.  Rather confused ducks, I suspect, as waterbirds rarely roost in trees.

I picked up a few logs from different places, moving the short ones to the patio woodpile and the long ones to the ritual meadow.  I also picked up a few larger branches and moved them to the meadow. We'll need the wheelbarrow to deal with the bigger ones though.  

The soil is warm enough for earthworms to be active; when I pick up a log there are usually several worms squiggling underneath.  Today I saw a full-size nightcrawler!  If you need worms for live bait or pet food, it is easy to get them by leaving several boards on the lawn; they will come up underneath.  Though I always preferred to hunt mine by hand: my grandfather would water the lawn at dusk, then we'd go out a couple hours later to snatch worms out of the grass.  We rarely had to buy worms, just the minnows.

Daffodils and tulips are sprouting, some of them up several inches now.  Crocus in a few places.  Also the columbines, motherwort, and chives are putting up leaves.

Read "Urgent Business" by Dialecticdreamer

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted Part 1 of her story "Urgent Business" in Frankenstein's Family.  It introduces a merchant, Vladimir, with some important messages for the village.  This takes place in December, overlapping with "Measure the Abundance" in the runup to Christmas, and laying some groundwork for the triptych.  "Urgent Business" will post daily until complete (skipping Saturday, which is "Salvaging" day) and there are six parts.

Regarding the triptych, "Man's True Nature" has been opened for microfunding at the sale price of $.25/line.  I haven't started posting yet, so the tally appears on the sale page under that poem's entry.  You can donate more toward it if you wish.  Once "Urgent Business" is fully posted, I will start posting "Man's True Nature."

Karma Tribbles

Let's talk about karma tribbles. Karma is a kind of mystical balance that tracks positive and negative energy based on the good or bad things a person does. Think of it like a relationship bank account with the Universe. Tribbles were originally introduced as tiny alien critters on Star Trek, and the term has since broadened to small fuzzy things in general. Now put the two together...

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