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Schrodinger's Heroes: "HALware" Part 2

Schrodinger's Heroes is an apocryphal television show about quantum physics, alternate dimensions, and saving the world. To learn more about the characters and show concept, visit the menu page. It's set just outside of Waxahachie, Texas in the repurposed Superconducting Supercollider. This lends it very well to crossovers.

Here is a crossover featuring HAL 9000 from Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series. Begin with Part 1.  The telescope mentioned below is real; I've used it myself.

"HALware" Part 2

Ash: "Oh, don't worry, it's all taken care of now, like I said. The worst part was the SINGING. The stupid malware acted like it was falling in LOVE with me!"

Morgan: "I'm really sorry, Ash. What do you want me to do?"

Ash: "Ideally, quit connecting with the University of Illinois computer system, now that we know their server has malware."

Morgan: "Quit connecting -- 'Ey! I stay busy cross-checking the skymaps after that last discontinuity.(2)  I NEED that connection to finish what Alex asked me to do. East Coast or West Coast states, no problem, I know plenty of people. But when it comes to the ones in the middle, my contacts are spread a little thinner. Urbana has the best setup in downstate Illinois -- they have a twelve-inch telescope in the observatory."

Ash: "I don't care if they have a twelve-inch -- oh, never mind. Let's compromise. You give me some time to update the security system to account for the new malware, now that I know what it looks like. Then you can reconnect with the University. Fair?"

Morgan: "That's fair. Thanks, Ash. I don't know what we'd do without you."

Ash: [Chuckles fondly.] "Probably reformat the entire Teferact, but that's all right. Your computer hijinks keep me employed, and I couldn't paddle a canoe or navigate by the stars to save my life."

Morgan: "I'll ask Pat to add your favorite squash recipe to the supper menu tonight, by way of apology for the extra work."

Ash: "Aww, that's so sweet. You'll turn a girl's head with that kind of talk."

Morgan: [Laughs.] "Silly malware, it should have known you were taken!"

* * * 


In Hawai'ian pidgin, 'ey  means "hey" and stay  means "still," so "Hey!  I'm still busy..."

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