October 4th, 2014


Ask vs. Hint in Cultural Paradigms

So I was following [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's recent thread on SF and I came to this conclusion:

Science is Ask culture.

Religion is Hint culture.

This is why they so often fight like cats and dogs, and why it takes a master linguist or sociologist to convince them to kiss and make up.

This explains so very much.

(Here is a primer on Ask/Hint cultural divide.)

Today's Yardening: Flowerbeds

Today I bought several bags of humus/compost.  A friend and I cleared the brush off the daffodil bed and the tulip bed, then spread out the compost on top.

I would've gone back to planting daffodils but today was a shopping day, so less time and energy.  Quick-clear and dump is easier than trying to dig and space flower bulbs. 

Walking the Talk

Now this fellow has a clue, and is happy to teach it, but you will have to do the work if you want it.  The article is all about Lakota virtues and the challenges of practicing them in today's world.  

I really like this angle.  I'm especially impressed with the idea of keeping the prayers in Lakota rather than English.  It's like how the Catholics used to stick with Latin.  Language influences thought; it's very powerful; and that's an astute ruling.  

People can come in from outside, but they have to do things the Lakota way.  If you do the work, then you're sharing, not stealing.  If you just want to grab stuff and run off with it, that  is misappropriation.  You have to learn how to do things the right way.  It's the difference between a McDonald's burger and a buffalo steak.  You have to work harder to get the steak, but it tastes better and is better for you.

This is one of the best examples I've seen recently of appropriate cultural boundaries.  Don't shut people out, don't let them rob or abuse you, manage the interaction in mature rational ways.  Aho!