October 2nd, 2014


How to Let Go of Things

Recently I got into a discussion with some friends, who were variously moving house or winnowing things they'd inherited or otherwise in need of reducing a large pile of possessions to a smaller pile. It occurred to me that it would be useful to save the list of tips I'd suggested to them, in a format that would be easier to find later, because this is information that lots of people may find handy.

First, understand that many people find it difficult to let go of things. That's okay; it doesn't make you lazy or bad. Most people feel that way about some categories of things.

Second, there are many reasons for holding onto things. The better you know yourself and your reasons, the more you can address the underlying needs in a way that make it possible for you to condense things effectively without hurting yourself in the process. Frex, you might have memories of not having things when you needed them, or you might have little in the way of resources now, or you might have been raised by people with those traits.

Some techniques and principles that I have found helpful include ...

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