December 23rd, 2013


Monday Update 12-23-13

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Recipe: "Clementine Holiday Duck"
Moral Villains
Read "Falling from Grace" by Aldersprig
Poem: "Cipherpals"
Carrying a Rainbow Flag to Russia

The 2013 Holiday Poetry Sale is now closed.  You can read the published poems by clicking their links on the sale page.  The linkback perk poem "No One to Greet the Season" has 63 of 72 verses posted.  You can reveal the last few by linking to your favorite poem from the sale; remember to let me know what you've done so I can post your verses.

Poetry in Microfunding:
"Its Very Existence" belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.  There are new verses this week, as Nahum and Kalad find shelter but chafe at each other's company.

Torn World writing update:
Currently posting: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal" (fiction).  Approved as canon: "Unicorns on Parade" "Spruce Deer" "Hand-Me-Downs" "Summer Wine" "Wandering the Heights" "The Slow Hunt" "The Button Box" "Playing the Field" (poetry).  Back to me for edits: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands (Parts 1-4)," "Winterheart" (parts 2-3) (fiction), "Stinging Like Nettles" (poetry).  Currently in front of the canon board: "Ghost Bat" (nonfiction), "Finding the Beauty" (poetry). Drafted: "Like Ash Before the Wind," "From Dark to Bright," "The Inappropriate But Useful Disposal of Lettuce" "A Thin Red Trail" (fiction), "Changes in the Wind" (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," "Raining Kittens," "Finding the Holes" (fiction), "The Smallest Invaders"  (poetry).  Currently writing: "Catch of the Day," "A Cold Clear Night" (fiction).

Weather here has been warmer this week, although it's supposed to get quite cold again.  Rain has washed away the previous snow.

Story: "Squiggles" 1509.04.10

"Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal"


Imoshavi is a good friend after all! She is still kind of boring personally but she sure knows what I like. She sent me a copy of A Pocket Full of Problems: The History of the Hole Mouse for my fourteenth birthday. She says that the Tifanaro natural sciences museum carries this book in the gift shop and it's very popular with tourists there. It even has a little section of color pages with paintings of the hole mice and maps of their territory as it changed over time.

So now I have to figure out what to send Imoshavi for her birthday. I've seen lots of books about horses and a few on horse trading as a business, but I don't remember any on horse traders. Maybe someone over at the Domestic Animals Guildhall will know -- I have some contacts there from all the stuff I've done with Sraffi for the Squiggle Mice. I'll think of something.

See the landing page for "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal."

Money Talks

I had this weird, creepy idea about why so many rich people go crazy and become evil.

Money talks.  Each bit of money has its own tiny voice.  If you're not rich, this isn't a problem.  You rarely notice it.  But if you have a LOT of money ...

... then you hear these voices in your head.  They tell you to hurt people.  They tell you to destroy the Earth.  They tell you that it's okay to do whatever you want, no matter what harm it does.

Most people don't seem to last very long once they start hearing those voices.