June 7th, 2013


Unsold Poems from the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl

The fishbowl has SOLD OUT!  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

The following poems from the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

The linkback perk poem, "The Sum of Its Parts," still has several verses left.  You can reveal a new one by linking to this post or to a favorite poem from this month's fishbowl.

"Barbara's Technicolor Dreamhouse" -- 122 lines, $61 SOLD
Sometimes a house is more than a home. Sometimes it remains itself even when it changes. And sometimes, when you find it, everything changes. "Barbara's Technicolor Dreamhouse" is written in free verse.

"Defragging the Wetdrive" -- 76 lines, $38 (Schrodinger's HeroesSOLD
Tim the Tentacle Monster appears in "Defragging the Wetdrive." He doesn't sleep or dream the same way as humans; it's more like an intermittently running autosave/defrag routine that can kick in anytime. This is disconcerting to everyone but Ash, who is more fluent with the dimension of dreams.

"Dreams of War and Peace" -- 21 lines, $10 (Torn WorldSOLD
A hammock prompt on Dreamwidth turned into a Torn World poem about warsailors sleeping on a ship. "Dreams of War and Peace" is written in unrhymed tercets.

"Itching and Scratching" -- 108 lines, $54 (Fledgling Grace) SOLD
Based on a Dreamwidth prompt, the bat-winged gangsta girl returns in the free-verse poem "Itching and Scratching," as her feathers come in and make her life even more complicated than it was before. Sometimes friends and defenders are found in the least likely places.

"Once You Have Touched Her" -- 51 lines, $20 SOLD
A Dreamwidth prompt about sleep deprivation turned into an outright horror poem about torture and how, if you dig into someone's mind, you might find things you really wish you'd hadn't. "Once You Have Touched Her" is written in free verse.

"The Red King Wakes" -- 64 lines, $32 SOLD
A Dreamwidth prompt turned into the title of the poem, "The Red King Wakes," written in free verse. With a little help, the drowsy monarch escapes from his unwanted wife.

"Sleepers in the City" -- 37 lines, $15 SOLD
I combined several prompts to get "Sleepers in the City," a free-verse poem about allowing the minds of coma patients to commune with each other.

"Sleepfaring" -- 27 lines, $15 (Torn World) SOLD
Your references to trail and saddle inspired the poem "Sleepfaring," written in free verse. Fala keeps watch at night and sleeps during the day while traveling to the summer gather.

"Sometimes a Cigar" -- 35 lines, $15 SOLD
A backchannel prompt from Anthony Barrette led to the free-verse poem "Sometimes a Cigar." He wanted to read about Sigmund Freud and dream interpretation; I felt like writing about cultural differences. Hee!

"Truths of the Day and the Night" -- 18 lines, $10 SOLD
Your prompt about dreams and truth led to "Truths of the Day and the Night," which is written in unrhymed couplets. It explores how people perceive things differently by day and night, how they turn away or embrace different truths.

"Walking Through Sleep and Dreams" -- 8 lines, Buy It Now = $5 SOLD
Sleepwalking and dreamwalking are contrasted in the indriso "Walking Through Sleep and Dreams."

"Worse Than Nightmares" -- 70 lines, $35 SOLD
From your prompt I got the free-verse poem "Worse Than Nightmares." When everything you love is gone, nightmares are far from the greatest of possible sleep disturbances. This poem belongs to the series Tripping into the Future.

Poem: "Dreams of War and Peace"

This poem is from the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] rosieknight. It also fills the #19 Sidereal slot in the [community profile] rainbowfic Moonlight list. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. This poem belongs to the Torn World project.

"Dreams of War and Peace"

Ships sail the seas,
rocking on the saltwater waves,
traveling on through the darkness.

The helmsman keeps sidereal time,
tracking the positions of stars and ship and shore,
schedule always in mind.

Warsailors sleep in their hammocks,
swinging in the safe dark hold of the ship,
snoring the hours away.

The gentle motion is one
that many of them recall from childhood,
cradled in the shell of a harpoon snail.

They dream of war and peace,
the endless conflict between
sea monsters and landlubbers.

It is the warsailors who make the difference,
protecting the precious cargo in the hold,
tipping the scale toward safety.

In the morning they roll out of their hammocks,
leaving the webbing for the nightwatch about to turn in,
as the warsailors take their places on the daylit deck.

* * *


If you're new to Torn World, start here.

You can read more about warsailors, harpoon snails, and other sea monsters.

Poem: "Worse Than Nightmares"

This poem is from the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by rix_scaedu.  It has been sponsored by technoshaman.  This poem belongs to the series Tripping into the Future, which you can find via the Serial Poetry page.

Warning: This poem features sleep disturbances, survivor guilt, suicidal ideation, radical loss, and other touchy subjects.  It's also written in second person ("you").  Consider your mood before deciding whether to read on or skip this.

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Poem: "Walking Through Sleep and Dreams"

This poem came out of the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by siege.  It has been sponsored by Shirley Barrette.  You can read more about the indriso form online.  You can read more about sleepwalking and dreamwalking online.

Walking Through Sleep and Dreams
-- an indriso

In sleepwalking, the mind does not transfer;
It stays within its doze, and bides the night,
While restless feet trespass where dreams may spur.

In dreamwalking, the body does not stir;
It lies upon the sheets in soft moonlight,
While wayward thoughts reach out to him or her.

The mind and body each may take their flight;

They're bound together, but not locked -- not quite.


Poem: "Truths of the Day and the Night"

This poem came out of the June 4, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from haikujaguar.  It has been sponsored by Shirley Barrette.

Truths of the Day and the Night

The day with her open eyes is demure,
but the night with her open ears is brave.

Day speaks her truths with quiet grace,
talks of things that must be seen and believed.

Night breathes the language of feelings,
and her truths are arrows to the heart.

Visions of the day will show you truths to your face,
things from which you cannot look away.

Still there are people who cover their eyes
and refuse to see what they have been shown.

Dreams of the night come and take you by the hand,
pull you down into oceans of honesty and knowing.

There is no escape from this intimate touch of truth,
for no matter how you try, you cannot cover your whole skin.

Yet it is not necessary to walk this perilous way alone,
for there are always guides if you know where to find them --

those few who are brave enough learn the language of dreams
and walk beside lost dreamers to lead them safely through their truths.