December 15th, 2012


BINGO: Vertical Line

This is my first bingo in the Hurt/Comfort Bingo fest. This fest encourages the creation of boundary-pushing material that explores what happens when things go horribly wrong and people actually care about each other. Remember, things always go wrong; what matters is how you deal with that. Some of the content may be NSFW. Read the FAQ and rules here. The signup post is here.


2012 Holiday Poetry Sale Results

The following poems were sponsored during the 2012 Holiday Poetry Sale.  The last perk poem is complete, "Defaced."

"Camping on the Lost Road" (Torn World)
"The Widow-Keeper's Lullaby" (Torn World)
"Getting the Goat" (Torn World)
"Lullaby for a Nap at Noon" (Torn World)
"Birds of War" (Torn World)
"A Light in the Darkness" (Torn World)
"The Smell of Sunset" (Torn World)
"The Tapestry of Nocciolaia" (Fiorenza the Wisewoman)
"Ascension to the Atheneum"
"Careful Trust" (Path of the Paladins)
"The Curse of Titania's Table"
"The Fountainhead of the Wisdom of Food"
"The Luckpot"
"Silkies" (Fledgling Grace)
"Not One Soul Be Lost"
"Of Water and the Wheel" (Kung Fu Robots)
"Smultronstället"  (Hart's Farm)
"A Sweet Fang" (The Bat Vampires)
"Who Stands Beside Me" (Hart's Farm)

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.