November 24th, 2012


Sketch Fest

Sketch Fest is running this weekend.  Go leave prompts or pick some to make art.

From my prompts ...

"Winter Winds" by Uneide -- an elf, with striking contrast between warm and cool colors.
"Winter Winds" by Nicole Cadet -- woman crouched on a rock, very nice snowflake halo.

"Vantaur" by Jen Knutson -- a Gypsy Vanner centaur with purple spots.
"Centaur Gypsy Musician" by Kathy Nutt -- another Gypsy Vanner, this one playing a fiddle.  HAWT.
"Gypsy Vanner Centaur" by Ellen Million -- standing pose with a staff.
"Dancing Vanners" by Hope Bryant -- two Gypsy Vanner centaurs dancing, a male and a female, in dynamic poses.  This is truly just a sketch, so all you can see is the underlying framework, but the motion is beautiful already.

"Angel and Demon" by Ava Schwark -- cute matching cherubs. 

"I Can Fix Everything!" by Ellen Million -- girl with wrench and laptop, very cute.
"I Can Fix Everything!" by Jenny Heidewald -- elven mechanic, inspired by Ellen's warcry.  No, I didn't actually know about that before I left the prompt, but it's SO much fun.  This is currently a loose sketch, to be finished later with Micron pen.

"Dragon in a Starship" by Jenny Heidewald -- cute cartoon, partly inked.