November 17th, 2012

Crowdfunding butterfly ship

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The November 2012 Crowdfunding Creative Jam is open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  This month's theme is "portals."  Come leave us prompts, or claim prompts for your own creative efforts.

What I've Written

"This Inward Gate" -- a free-verse poem about dragons that can travel between realms, and how someone discovers the method.  I'm pretty sure nobody's written this version before.

"Crafting Ways" -- 54 lines, $20
From your craft prompt I got the poem "Crafting Ways," about people who can make portals out of anything, and how they deal with conflict from a neighboring tribe.  It's written in six-line verses.

"Ascension to the Atheneum" -- 28 lines, $15
The prompt about stairs led to the free-verse poem "Ascension to the Atheneum."  An elderly librarian finds a pull-chain for a mysterious set of stairs ...

"Fluid Displacement" -- 38 lines, $15
I liked the idea of portals in unfortunate places.  In "Fluid Displacement," Ditzwell the Wonderous creates a portal in his bathroom.  Awkwardness ensues.

From Other Folks

Read "Passageword" by mdlbear for a charming look at mirror travel.

Update: Larry Elmore Artbook

I'm following the Kickstarter for Larry Elmore's artbook.  The first and second stretch goals are completed.  The first reward level is $49 and that gets you a copy of the book plus the stretch goal goodies.  There are some midrange rewards left but all the higher end stuff is already sold out.  I would love to have a copy of the artbook but it looks like that requires catching the fundraiser; I might scrape up $49 but $80 is pretty much hopeless.

Here's a recent announcement from the Facebook event:

A few people have been asking, how much is this book going to retail for.  How much of a savings are we getting, back you with Kickstarter.  So after some discussion with the powers that be (mainly Bettie, my wife) we have decide that The Complete Elmore Art Book is going to retail for $80. 
So after the Kickstarter campaign is over you will be able to purchase it from my website, a few hardcore game stores, and my website.  Cost of shipping from my website is $10 us, and $20 non-us.  
So currently, US fans are saving about $40 and the non-US fans are about breaking even. 
Here is the retail value of our current stretch goals...
---Dragon print set, $30
---Sketch Book, $20