November 4th, 2012


Serial Poetry Challenge

This week there is a challenge running on [community profile] poetree for writers and readers of serial poetry. I'll be judging the poems submitted for the writing challenge, which involves writing at least two poems connected with each other in some way. If you're new to serial poetry and unsure how to begin, see my post "So You Want to Start a Series" from my recent Poetry Host week on serial poetry. For readers, there is a challenge to read and review a poem listed under the serial poetry tag. There are prizes for both challenges.

On the crowdfunding side, the sample poems belong to crowdfunded projects. If you're writing something new, you can try crowdfunding serial poetry on your own. Serials definitely have an edge over one-shot projects in this business model, because you can build up a following that way.

So please drop by and join the challenge! I'm hoping to get more folks involved in serial poetry.