October 31st, 2012


More Poems from Fledgling Grace

These are some more poems from the series Fledgling Grace, based on the insightful comments that people have made under the posted poems.

"Dark Triangles" -- In France, the descendants of invaders come together.
Prompted by rhodielady_47
65 lines, Buy It Now = $32.50

"Fledermäuse" -- Not everyone gets the wings of birds, and people argue over the interpretations. This poem is darker than most of the others.
Prompted by siliconshaman
83 lines, Buy It Now = $41.50

"Dancing Down the Sky" -- Powwows are more colorful now that different tribes, and some unexpected neighbors, have their own wings.
Prompted by siliconshaman
96 lines, Buy It Now = $48

"The Poi Bird" -- Someone appears with their mixed heritage painted collectively all over wings and tail.
Prompted by rhodielady_47
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Wheelchairs on Television

Here is a very thoughtful deconstruction of the almighty fuckups in television portrayals of characters in wheelchairs.  It articulates precisely some of the things I noticed vaguely as being not quite right.

I have a hera who uses a wheelchair, Brenda in P.I.E. which you can explore via the Serial Poetry page.  She owns at least two, one for everyday, and a custom combat model with kevlar.  I just figured that she's smart, formidable, and likes to look sharp; and therefore she would've obtained equipment at or slightly beyond the cutting edge.  The cover picture beside the series description was actually part of the inspiration for the characters.  But if I had needed more detail for an art rendering, I would've done the research for it.  Same for an onscreen rendering.  I'm kind of appalled, though I suppose not surprised, that the TV people seem to skip this vital step as a general rule.
schrodinger's heroes

EXTRAS: 1 story, 1 poem

I've posted two extras in my card for the [community profile] kink_bingo  fest.  They feature Schrodinger's Heroes.  Today is the last day of posting.

This fest encourages people to push the limits of their comfort zone by creating erotica, pr0n, smut, and other sexy stuff in the many flavors of kinky, sensual, and otherwise exotic activities. It's open to all fandoms plus original content, and all kinds of material.  Expect much of the content to be NSFW.  Read the prompts and rules here. The signup post is here.

I thought this might be an effective way to attract some new readers. It's also useful for developing some of my more romantically adventurous series.

Poem: "Putting the Past on a Pedestal"

This poem was written on October 25, 2012.  It is a direct sequel to "Two Sides of the Same Coin," so you should read that first if you haven't already.  It was inspired by the thoughtful comments under that poem, and in person, as folks discussed various possible ways of displaying the token, arguing the pros and cons of each.  Special thanks to siege, catsittingstill, and my_partner_doug.  The following poem has been sponsored by technoshaman.  It belongs to The Steamsmith series, which you can explore further on the Serial Poetry page.

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