October 11th, 2012


Black Superheroes

... need more memorable arch-enemies.  This is a savvy argument, and one I hadn't considered before.  I don't really know a wide enough sample of black superheroes to gauge whether or not they are genuinely short of great nemesis opposition. But if they are, that's a serious problem.  A nemesis can contribute a great deal to the shape and dynamic of a hero.  Now, not all heroes have an arch-enemy; some just go from one crisis to another.  A single spectacular opponent, however, provides a more focused impact.  That has some literary advantages.  So if that territory is really underserved ... writers, start your engines.

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day.  Here is a safe space to share your QUILTBAG status, or any other facet of your identity that you want people to know about.

Me, I'm metasexual.  My nature is so intricate, it does not fit on a spectrum or even a three-dimensional graph.  It's more like a tesseract.

If you look in my LJ scrapbook, there are some asexual images for Schrodinger and other aces.  Alter!Quinn is gloriously queer.

Crowdfunding by Thesilentpoet

News from thesilentpoet:

Lior's backstory has been funded.  Folks get to choose a bonus story too.

The poem "Another Secret" has been written for National Coming Out Day, on the theme of gender/sexuality crisis. 
17 lines = $10

Also planned is a Halloween/Autumn themed round of poetry, which would run October 28-29, 2012.  Watch for the prompt call to appear.