August 10th, 2012


Sketchfest is open!

Sketchfest is running this weekend.  Leave some prompts, or claim them for creative inspiration.

From My Prompts

"A little boy riding a snow-unicorn" by Alexander Tooth -- not canonical for Torn World, but cute.  From the same prompt, "I Dream of Unicorn" by Earlene Collis-Smith.

"Catnipped" by Erika Harm shows a sphynx pair getting high.

"Alliance" by Ellen Million features a black warrior and an elephant-centaur on an African savannah.  I'd love to see this one finished.

Also Recommended

"Green Vanner and friend" by Metasilk -- a green-and-white Gypsy Vanner horse and a gypsy woman.  Awesome concept, and the breed rendition was so apt that I recognized it even from a thumbnail.