July 28th, 2012


Autism and Culture

Here's a detailed article on the impact of autism on culture.

I was particularly intrigued by the reference to hard science fiction as a genre favored by autistics for its technical precision. What immediately leaped out at me, but was not explicitly mentioned in the article, is that early works in this genre tended to have very sketchy characters.  The story wasn't about the characters; it was about the idea.  There are different literary focal points that a story can have, as people's tastes do vary.  What some readers see as a flaw, others see as an attraction.  In this case, some writers were just writing the kind of story they wanted to read -- and since they were far more interested in the science than in the people, that came through in the finished work.  In retrospect, this makes the stories a lot more understandable, and I think it could be fascinating to examine them in a context of neurotype analysis.  The worlds you make, what does that say about how you think?

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The Need for Family Equality

I've been thinking about marriage equality, and it occurs to me that what we really need is family equality.  The whole justification for the state having anything to do with marriage is that it needs to know who is living as a social unit for such purposes as owning a home, raising children, budgeting a household, etc. 

Trouble is, marriage and genetics are no longer reliable indicators for that.  We've drifted too far away for that to work anymore.  There are all kinds of family ties now, and most of them aren't legally recognized.  This causes problems for everyone.  It's a nuisance to schools when the people most influential in a child's life are not two bioparents.  It's a nuisance to bankers and real estate agents when "unrelated" people want to buy property together.  It's a nuisance to health care workers when the relevant people are locked out legal rights while the blood relatives and patient may hold each other in mutual despite.

What we need is a way for people to connect themselves officially as a social unit that does not focus on sexual activity or genetics, but has a similar level of legal union, to be administered with a similar level of processing as required for marriage.  It would solve many of the problems faced by same-sex couples but also many other relationships which are close and permanent.  And we wouldn't have to keep arguing over whether total strangers are fucking or not, which frankly is nobody else's business anyhow.  The public's right to know only applies to practical  functions -- and we've been ignoring those in favor of harping about moral disagreements.