July 27th, 2012


Muse Fusion is open!

The July 2012 Muse Fusion is open over in torn_world</lj>.  Please drop by and leave prompts, or if you are a Torn World contributor, claim prompts for inspiration.

What I Have Written

"Finding the Holes" -- 2,500 words, Buy It Now = $25 or 25 TW credits
From the prompt about Alikii, I got the story "Finding the Holes."  Alikii, Tekura, and Valoi supervise two age-sets of children as they sort through stored clothes to put them back into use.

"Old Feelings, New Feelings" -- a poem about young lovers in Itakith.

"Five Red Beads" -- 33 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50 or 8 Torn World credits
A prompt about hand-me-downs led to the poem "Five Red Beads," which is written in tercets.  Fala's age-set passes a set of red beads to Kativa's age-set.

"The Urge to Fly" -- 27 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50 or 8 Torn World credits
I wrote the poem "The Urge to Fly" based on a prompt.  It's done in tercets and explores the inexplicable hazards of flight in Torn World.

"Lullaby for a Nap at Noon" -- 12 lines, Buy It Now = $5 or 5 Torn World credits
The prompt about napping inspired my poem "Lullaby for a Nap at Noon."  This is a spoken lullaby that uses repetition of structure for its poetic effect, with different colors and animals. 

A batch of descriptions for apocryphal books in the Empire.

"Publishers in the Empire" -- an article listing some well-known presses.

"A Timely Gift" -- 10 lines, Buy It Now = $2.50 or 3 Torn World Credits
From the prompt about time crystal misuse came "A Gift of Time."  This poem is written in unrhymed couplets.  A man uses a time crystal to solve a personal problem to nefarious ends.

"Camping on the Lost Road" -- 10 lines, Buy It Now = $2.50 or 3 Torn World credits
The prompt about camping led to the free-verse poem "Camping on the Lost Road."  It's a quietly creepy musing about hazards near and far on Tooth Island.
"Neighboring Attractions" -- 8 lines, Buy It Now = $2.50 or 3 Torn World credits
I put a twist on the prompt about meeting new neighbors.  "Neighboring Attractions" is about the fall of the time barrier between Roluma and the dry grasslands, focused on the animals.

"The Widow-Keeper's Lullaby" -- 10 lines, Buy It Now = $2.50 or 3 Torn World credits
The prompt about singing for death led to "The Widow-Keeper's Lullaby."  This poem is written in rhymed couplets.  It's a song that a widow-keeper sings to the pregnant wife of a lost warsailor.

"Starfall in Red and Blue Time" -- 10 lines, Buy It Now = $2.50 or 3 Torn World credits
The prompt about the falling star inspired "Starfall in Red and Blue Time."  Written in unrhymed couplets, it tells of blinkbirds prying time crystals out of the sky.


Read "Birds of War"

If you are a Torn World supporter, you can now read my poem "Birds of War."
Roluman cavalry used giant flightless birds as mounts.

If you like this poem and want to see more like it, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.