July 24th, 2012


Disability in SF

Here's another great article about disabilities in comics.  I'm pleased to see people discussing such topics, and hope to see more expansion of same in canon resources as time goes on.

I happen to like heroes whose disabilities and super-abilities are related.  For instance, as a person with impaired vision, I do  relate to Daredevil using all his other senses to compensate.  I'm not that good, but his way of moving through the world resonates with me far more than ordinary human navigation does.  So I have some characters who have extraordinary compensations for their disabilities, like the daughter of Monster House with her Eye of Fate, introduced in "Secondhand Sight."  It's a way of exploring stories that more conventional solutions don't reach.

On the other hoof, I also enjoy the challenge of writing characters whose limitations and compensations are ordinary, and who are extraordinary for some totally different reason.  It's a way of exploring how people can work with solutions that are generally available in this world.  For instance, Brenda in "An Eyeful of Fire" is a private detective who works on weird cases. She uses a wheelchair.  And she could quite easily kill with a gun, a sword, or her bare hands.  She does not need to stand upright to open a can of whoopass.  Even more astoundingly for an urban fantasy hera: she knows not to date dumb guys. I'm starting to think that, like common sense, emotional intelligence is so rare it should count as a superpower.

Read "Avian Ecosystem in Shard #29"

You can now read my article "Avian Ecosystem in Shard #29" over on Torn World.  A brief overview is visible to everyone, and more details are visible to contributors.  This article describes the ecosystem of Roluma.  There is no art for it yet, but hopefully someone will illustrate this eventually.  The giant flightless birds would be such fun to see in color.

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