July 20th, 2012


Sketch Fest Today

The Sketch Fest is now open!  Come leave prompts, or claim prompts to inspire your artwork.  

From My Prompts

See "Sphynx Cub with Yarn" by the_vulture.  "Kitten Sphynx" by Kathy Nutt comes from the same prompt.  "Lil'Sphynx" by Brandon Wilkes has a clever pose.

"Words in Space" by Be Mused Art uses my bumperstickers on a spaceship prompt, and is reminiscent of pulp-era covers. 

"Amphisbaena" by ankewehner shows two different species of snake.  Check out the eyebrows on the viper end.

"He was the light of her death" is a nicely dynamic piece by Kathy Nutt.

"In the beginning were the colours" is a lovely cosmological sketch of world creation by Jessica Childress, who has somehow managed to draw ME without benefit of a reference.  Synchronicity is so awesome.

Not from my prompt, but well worth recommending because the theme is just so rare: "Beautiful Fat Woman" by Afke van Herpt, done in copic markers.