July 9th, 2012


Writing About Disabled Characters

A list of tips for writers. Cool.
People joke about "disabled black lesbians" as if they simply don't exist (I know three), and writers write as if it is impossible to be a member of an ethnic minority and disabled, or gay and disabled. It's fairly rare they manage female and disabled, and disabled women make up a little below ten percent of the population.
This of course makes me run down my mental list of characters.  Marai from Torn world is deaf and female; her skin tone is not specified, but the default for Northerners is golden, not pink.  Same with Ularki, who is mentally handicapped and female, skin presumably some shade of gold.  I have another Northern character in mind who's gay and mobility-impaired, but he hasn't come onstage yet.  Brelig is missing part of his left arm, and has the caramel skin typical of Duurludirj; plus a variety of scars, including a vivid patch of dream rash on one thigh that stands out pale against his naturally tanned skin.  Lots  of warsailors get crippled on the line; I'm sure some of them must be homosexual.  The daughter of Monster House is blind and female.  Mad Ercole from Fiorenza the Wisewoman has traumatic brain injury and is Italian.  Kaya from Waterjewel is short on intelligence but long on wisdom, and has some shade of tinted skin as desertfolk do.  

Most of the stacking is female/disabled simply because female isn't a minority, it's just a disadvantaged group. Ethnic/disabled also shows well because I write about variously colored characters and some of them get banged up. When you have small pools, like homosexual (about 10%) and disabled (maybe 10-20% depending how you count), then they don't stack as often.  To find them, more than one or two by chance, I'd have to go looking.  Which if there is really that big a gap and anyone is interested, I could do.

Poll for Poetry Fishbowl Themes

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This poll will help select some themes to be slated for upcoming Poetry Fishbowl sessions.  Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you vote.

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Monday Update 7-9-12

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Plans and Goals

Website Updates: I've done a lot of work on my website in the past week. I've changed some of the tabs and organization. Check out the new section for The Silk Road Allies, a shared world project in which China and Italy make friends.

Poetry in Microfunding:
"An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade" belongs to the Steamsmith series.  Maryam experiments with combining two important alchemical materials.  No new verses, but a general fund donation did reduce the amount needed to reveal the next verse.  "The Lost and Found Legion" belongs to The Silk Road Allies.  It is being funded in installments by marina_bonomi, and describes how China and Italy came to form an alliance.  "A Hole in the Blanket" opened and closed within the week; it tells of an African warrior whose brother gets abducted by demons.

Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal," (fiction).  Back to me for edits: "Breaking the Ice," (fiction), "Patterns in the Grass" "The Colors of the Rainbow," (poetry), "Half-Leg," "Dolls in the Empire" (nonfiction). Currently in front of the canon board: "Nomess Mithoirarv" (fiction), "Imalye Fotolyi" "The Girl Who Wanted Too Much" (poetry), "Ghost Bat" "A Dryland Ecosystem" "An Avian Ecosystem" (nonfiction).  Drafted: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands," "Like Ash Before the Wind," "From Dark to Bright," "Beached Fish," "The Inappropriate But Useful Disposal of Lettuce" "A Thin Red Trail" "The Museum of Mortality" (fiction), "Packing for the Long Haul" "Birds of War" "A Gift of Time" "Changes in the Wind" (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," "The Bones of Need" "Raining Kittens," (fiction), "Breeding the Perfect Fighter," "The Smallest Invaders" (poetry).  Currently writing: "Catch of the Day," "Reaching for the Moons" "Winterheart" "A Cold Clear Night" (fiction).

We've had a slight break in the heat here, but only a few drops of rain.  Everything is still shriveled.  On the slightly less sweltering days, the birds go back to ignoring the water that I put out.

Poem: "The Colors of the Rainbow"

You can now read my poem "The Colors of the Rainbow" on Torn World.
The Rainbow Rainforest is home to many exotic flowers.

If you like this poem and want to see more like it, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.

Poem: "To Its Own End"

This poem came out of the January 17, 2012 bonus fishbowl featuring Fiorenza the Wisewoman; you can read more about that on the Serial Poetry page.  It was inspired by prompts from eseme, the_vulture, and rhodielady_47.  It has been selected in an audience poll as the free perk for the July 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl reaching the $200 goal.  This is a sequel to "The Truth in the Tower" so read that first if you haven't yet. 

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