July 6th, 2012


The New Poor

America is creating millions of new poor people who have no idea how to live on nothing.  Society and the government pretty much want them to go die, preferably somewhere out of sight.  You can't be hardly anywhere  in America these days without paying for the right just to exist.  You pay for a place to stay, or you don't get one.  Towns are getting psychotic about that.  So here are all these people, most of them educated and reliable workers, suddenly rammed into the cracks and considered a drain on society.  

Those people represent ordinary work not being done, families not being made or being made and shattered, books not written, classes not taught, things not learned, scientific discoveries not made, songs not composed.  All of that is stuff we lose collectively.  Every person comes into this world with stuff to do, and some of that stuff is really important.  When it doesn't get done, we all pay the price.

That does damage.  It will continue doing damage for decades, because many of those people will never get back their personal stability even if the economy does somehow recover.  This is bad.

Poetry Fishbowl Update & Website Update

I posted a big batch of poems tonight.  The tally is at $275, just $25 short of the $300 top goal.  Yay!  I have updated the unsold poetry list accordingly.

The linkback perk poem "The Charlady's Tale" (The Steamsmith) still has 3 verses left.  You can reveal those by linking to the unsold poetry list, the call for themes, or a favorite poem from this session.

I'm also doing some reorganization and expansion on my website.  First, there is new tab: My Work.  The former Books Written tab, with all its subsections, is now filed here.  The Serial Poetry page has moved here, from the Crowdfunding tab.  Newly sponsored and posted poems have been linked on Serial Poetry page.  There is a new subsection, Shared Worlds.  Under that is a page for The Silk Road Allies, a setting in which China and Rome became closely connected.  I'm continuing to discuss the Silk Road Allies setting and storylines with thesilentpoet and marina_bonomi.

Almost at Goal!


We're just $5 short of the $300 goal now.  Remember, this time you get a piece of bonus material for a series, since we already have a half-price poetry sale scheduled for mid-month (One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis).

The general fund is at $20 $25. That's convenient because there happen to be a couple of $20 poems left, along with the two longest epics.

Poem: "A Harmony of Hominids"

This poem came out of the July 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by prompts from the_vulture and wyld_dandelyon.  It has been sponsored by the_vulture

I also want to acknowledge some of my personal sources: 1) An ancient ancestress known as Lucy, and a book by the same name which I think is Lucy: The Beginnings of Mankind that I greatly enjoyed when I was growing up.  2) The Earth's Children  series by Jean Auel, who not only personified Neanderthals but also demonstrated how awesomely inspiring archaeology can be.  I have always been fascinated by human prehistory, our hominid cousins, and tales of different species interacting.  While researching this poem, I visited sites on Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, hominid species, and human evolution.

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In which I am a hero ...

... to the little birds that fly down with their beaks gaping in the 98F heat and indulge in the water dish on my patio.  They really looked pathetic today.

I also saw a butterfly poking at the dry dust of the driveway when I went out to pour water for them to puddle.  So the insects are also appreciating my efforts.

Poll: Generally Sponsored Poetry for July 2012

This is the generally sponsored poetry poll for the July 3, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl.  You have $25 to spend.  There is one $20 poem left, "Slow and Steady."  There is one unsponsored epic available: "Listening to God" ($94).  You may also direct money into "An Amazing Carriage of Amber and Jade" (which needs $60 to be fully funded). 

Everyone is welcome to vote in this poll.  I will leave it open until at least Saturday evening.  If there is a clear winner then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a while longer.

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