June 22nd, 2012

Hart's Farm

Poetry Fishbowl Update

I've posted a new poem this morning, "Hens and Flowers," and updated the unsold poetry list.  The total donation tally is currently at $100, which will get you a free $15 poem.  (The goal for a free $20 poem is $150.)  General fund stands at $33, which is enough to publish any one of the remaining $20 poems or a good chunk of epic poetry.  I'll close the tally some time tonight, then see about posting a poll for generally sponsored poetry.

Sketch Fest Today

 The sketch fest is now open.  Go leave some prompts for the artists.  Claim prompts -- you can work for one hour on each, although it's also allowed to come back later and finish your sketches.  Sketches and finished work may be uploaded for sale.  Donations to the project fuel site upgrades with new features.

From My Prompts

"Forest's Little Treasure" by Katarina Romanova -- a dragon protects a unicorn foal.

"and it bled light" by Kathy Nutt -- a mighty hera swings her sword at the foe.

"The Woman in the Mirror" by Patti Bixler -- we are who we see ourselves as.

"Believe in Me" by Lisa Cree -- a radiant figure beckons.

"Crash Landing" by Becky Allen -- an alien jumps to safety with a parachute.

"Unicorn Babysitting" by Gwynn Farrington -- a cat dragon cuddling a blue unicorn.


Read "Northern Game: Bola-Ball"

My article "Northern Game: Bola-Ball" is now up on Torn World.  A brief summary is visible to everyone, and a more detailed description is visible to contributors who may wish to write about the game.

If you like this article and want to see more like it, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.