June 17th, 2012


Poem: "VAGINA"

This poem is brought to you courtesy of the Michigan government; specifically Rep. Lisa Brown, who spoke about women's reproductive rights; and Republican Floor Leader Jim Stamas and the other Republicans in control of the House, who barred her from speaking further.  Now Rep. Brown plans to read from The Vagina Monologues on the state capitol steps. 

Remember, folks, whenever someone tries to shut you up, make more noise.  If anyone else is doing a vagina reading to support women's right to talk about legislation that affects their lives and bodies -- even just to do a job without a man interrupting it! -- then you're welcome to include my vagina poem.  Feel free to post it on your blog or link back here.


Vaginas are important
And none of us would be here without them.
Go enjoy the body that your mother's body made.
It belongs to you, and only you, as everyone's body belongs to them.
Now remember, you came into this world through a vagina,
And therefore you should show some respect.


Heroes of Color

Here's a discussion about heroes of color -- and the lack thereof -- in comics and movies.

Why are there so few? I guess because some writers have a shortage of imagination, producers have a shortage of faith, and they seem to think that only bigots buy things.

Me, today I wrote about an Egyptian-descended soldier who adopted an orphaned alien and finally got to meet one of the alien relatives. Because my audience gives me freaking cool prompts. Oh, and LJ user rix_scaedu recently did an awesome rendition of discrimination among angels.

I don't know why people write boring predictable stuff instead of diverse stuff.  It's not like there aren't plenty of other options.