May 26th, 2012

Crowdfunding butterfly ship

Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The seventh Crowdfunding Creative Jam is running this weekend on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  The theme is "food." Please drop by to leave or claim prompts and enjoy the delicacies!  You can also help by boosting the signal.

What I Have Written

"Synaesthesia Feast" -- today's free poem, in which colors are flavors and flavors are sounds.

"Julbord" -- 83 lines, $41.50 (Hart's Farm)
From the prompt about communal cooking I got the free-verse poem "Julbord." It describes the preparation of a holiday feast at Hart's Farm. 

"Spirits of Fire and Water" -- 15 lines, $10
The prompt about alcohol and food led to the poem "Spirits of Fire and Water."  It's a litany of alcoholic foods written in unrhymed tercets.

"Packing for the Long Haul" -- 13 lines, $10 (Torn World)
The prompt about travelling food inspired the poem "Packing for the Long Haul."  It's a Torn World piece about Amirel preparing for the summer gather.

"A Sweet Fang" -- 75 lines, $37.50
From the prompt about a vampire with a sweet tooth, I got the free-verse poem "A Sweet Fang." A hunt on a winter's night leads to a poet and his honeyed words. This particular strain of vampirism has appeared before in "The Vampire Funeral" and they're really quite charming. They also share the communal qualities of actual vampire bats. 
Fly Free

Poem: "Synaesthesia Feast"

This is the freebie for the May 2012 Crowdfunding Creative Jam, which you can visit on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth.  It was inspired by a prompt from stryck.

Synaesthesia Feast

It is not the flavor of the food that he tastes,
but the color -- the pink lemonade
tastes the way roses should smell,
the yellow squash is like butter,
green beans have a piney tang,
and the cherry pie burns like chili peppers.

The flavors themselves provide the background music --
a symphony of trumpeting spices
over a steady beat of savory,
mellow vegetable woodwinds
and piercingly sweet strings.

It is not the same feast that everyone else is enjoying,
but it is just as good.