May 23rd, 2012


Ending the Depression

 This article thoughtfully points out that if everyone tightens their belts at the same time, the money stops cycling.  Duh.  It also points out that economic disparity and political extremism tend to coincide; I'm not entirely convinced that's proven  but I strongly suspect a correlation.  Similarly economic health and high taxes on the super-rich track together.  It should be obvious that if too much of the money clumps together, that's going to cause problems.

Shared Worlds

Ellen Million has a terrific guest post about shared worlds and content organization.  I've been part of Torn World for several years now and we've been through a bunch of different methods for making stuff easier to find.  If you haven't gotten involved yet, this article is a good glimpse of some underlying structure to the project.

Strong Female Characters

A male writer discusses how to write strong female characters.

I'm reminded of one of mine in particular, Alison from "Kyrie Alison."  The story hasn't sold yet but I still think it's one of the coolest things I've done, because the main components were all so far from what I usually handle.  She's a nun; I'm not Christian.  It's set deep in a part of history that I don't frequent.  She's keen on music and illumination, neither of which I'm good at in this life.  She used to be a modern soldier in another life, which complicates matters considerable.  Those things define the setting and character, then create the story.  I spent more time researching it than I did writing it.  Alison's worldview is utterly alien, but that's what makes it fascinating to me.  None of the mayhem shook her faith in God, and she stills sees everything through that lens.  Luminous and durable and strange.

I like characters who take me to new places.