April 22nd, 2012


Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The April Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open.  The theme is "blood" in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Leave or claim prompts on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth.

What I Have Written

The blood drops led to "A Thin Red Trail," a Torn World vignette about Fala tracking a shagback.
600 words, Buy It Now = $6 or 6 Torn World credits

From your prompt about classical elements, I got "The Red Humour." It's a Steamsmith poem about the nature of sanguis (blood) which relates to the element of aer (Air).
33 lines, Buy It Now = $33

The prompt about turning blood into paint became "Onto Cave Walls or Canvas," a free-verse poem about red ochre and cave paintings.
28 lines, Buy It Now = $15