April 10th, 2012

monster house

Sale Series: Monster House

Based on an audience poll, Monster House is the series to be featured in the half-price poetry sale.  There are currently 4 unsold poems, which you can see listed on the Serial Poetry page.  The sale will run from Monday, April 16-Sunday, April 22 so as to fall between the monthly fishbowl dates.  That should allow time for people's household budgets to refresh between opportunities.

Update from Kajones_writing

[personal profile] kajones_writing has posted a call for prompts, open through midday Wednesday. This time the focus is character prompts -- specify a character you love or hate and a situation you'd like to see them in, or put two characters together and have them interact. Not sure who to pick? Look in the sidebar for character names, or you can give one or two random numbers for character selection and include a situation if you wish. Prompts start with 500 words. Links and donations get you extra words.

There are also some new stories posted from previous prompts...

"The World Walkers: Athare: Electra: Meeting a Rabbit" is a beautiful, haunting tale about creatures made of living clay.  If you liked The Velveteen Rabbit  or Toy Story, you'll love this.

"Pagan: Anna: Moving On" is an introspective piece about Anna, one year after the accident that caused her amnesia, deciding to move into a place of her own.

"Donor House: Alice: A Chinese Vampire" raises a concern that someone is trying to cause trouble for the Donor House by dumping a vampire who doesn't speak English.

"Afterlife: Gabriel: Finding a Friend" makes a great counterpoint to a previous story that was about letting go, as this one is about forming beneficial attachments.