February 19th, 2012

Fly Free

Poem: "Welcome to Hart's Farm"

This poem is the freebie for the Crowdfunding Creative Jam, and pretty much dumps out the whole QUILTBAG.  It was inspired by a prompt from siege:

A rural family lives in a jumble of people, filling two smallish houses and working the fields. Is it a commune, a kibbutz, or something else? Does anyone care who's in which bed as long as the work gets done?
Well, that's where it started, in the late 1060s. Things got rather more convoluted since; the timeframe is somewhere 1870-1920. The result approximates a line marriage -- with everyone on the farm being considered part of the family, but those with a farmborn parent expected to choose outsider lovers -- only without being anywhere near as formal as a marriage. There seems to be quite a lot of mixing and matching, and the farm attracts a lot of eccentric creative people. Oh, and we're in Sweden, or a reasonable approximation of same.  You can find other poems in the Hart's Farm series via the Serial Poetry page.

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From My Prompts

aldersprig wrote the Unicorn/Factory story "Pure as..." when I mentioned some of the odd things that unicorns might eat.  It's a lot of fun to explore the differences between 'pure' and 'purifying' in this story.  This one stands alone really well.

clare_dragonfly wrote "The Faerie Fountain" based on my prompt about a fountain of moonlight.  Also, it has yummy redheads.

New Series: "Hart's Farm"

The freebie poem "Welcome to Hart's Farm" inspired more prompts, leading to a second poem.

"In the Palms of My Hands" is a free-verse poem about Arnvid the carpenter and his work, his little girl Astrid, and some of his lovers. It's essentially his view of the same day described in "Welcome to Hart's Farm" only this time in first-person present tense. I used 'sunlight' and 'hands' throughout the poem as connecting metaphors for life and community.

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