January 25th, 2012


Soggy Sparrows

It's raining here today, sometimes water, sometimes ice.  I went into the kitchen and saw, through the south window, about a dozen soggy little sparrows huddled on the porch.  They were all crowded onto an old tomato cage, preening desperately in an attempt to get dry.  Cute, in a pathetic sort of way.  I have a suet cage fastened to the support for the porch overhang there, which is very popular in bad weather.

Back in my office now, I have another flock of sparrows all over the suet cage attached to my north window.  There are about five of them clinging to the wire, fluttering madly.  Others are scattered across the nearby bushes.

An Attack on the Arkh Project

The Arkh Project is building a video game featuring queer people and people of color as characters and designers.  It has met the first funding goal for character design and is extending that campaign goal to keep the momentum going.  JOB CREATOR!

This is a credible threat to the whitewashed gaming industry.  Consequently someone complained about the campaign being discriminatory because it aimed to hire queer people and people of color.  I find it very frustrating when advantaged people try to butt in to the very few places that are focused on less advantaged people. 

If you are similarly displeased by this attack on job creation in the queer/chromatic community, consider protesting with a donation and/or signal boost for the Arkh Project.  Let's make it clear that hiring project-relevant experts, and putting jobs into areas where people often can't find jobs, is a GOOD thing.